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Anthro Who's Whoo - Bluari

Mon Aug 18, 2014, 6:21 PM

#AnthroCommunity is quite large and always growing. It's easy to feel lost in the crowd so let's bring some of you out of the shuffle and share some spotlight. Beginners, hobbyists and professionals are all invited to share the glory. Meet someone new!

Today we introduce to you Bluari


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm 23 years old art high school graduate, I live in northern-west of Poland. I used to be a scout for 7 years. I'm a freelance artist for now, but I'm looking for a part time job to quit commissions and focus fully on own projects. My passion is music, folklore, nature, history and traveling, ah art also. I love attending medieval fairs. I was doing some western dancing, learning by myself and I sing, mostly for my own amusement, for now at least. Still I want to get into historical reenactment and fire dancing, there's just so many cool things to do in life c:.

How long have you been doing art?

Ever since I remember. All the way since preschool I was that kid who use every moment to draw. My early interests include dragons, monsters, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Digimon and other animes which television been airing back in the days. With my best friend we had a fanfictional universum with parts of all the shows ;3.

Deathstalker by Bluari cleanse by Bluari

What brought about your interest into Anthro?

For me it started from the Balto movie. I was all "oh, ah, the animation is so great. I will never be able to draw like that". But I was browsing the Internet, gave it a try, and I'm developing my skills since then. My first ever favourite anthro artist was a person of a nick Oakpaw, sadly she's not active anymore. Then I remember Goldenwolf, Emrys, Kyoht, their art been with me from the very very beginning, the wild animal-people conquered my heart.

Do you have a fursona or favourite character? If so, what inspired it?

I do have a fursona. Though she's much younger than me doing anthro art in general. At first I was just a gray wolf, but as I been discovering my own self and as my art and tastes was developing, my current fursona emerged. Slightly based on a very old character of mine of black, long hair and green eyes. Her first name I took from New Order's song "Crystal" ;> I thought it simply fits her.

Tales by Bluari Fossegrimen by Bluari black panther by Bluari

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Big part of my inspiration comes from art history, I was A+ student from it. In almost every periods I find something I like and what inspires me. I love the ancient times, not only the art but philosophy, old religions, old view of world, old ways of people, often so different from our modern. Romantic painters also had a great influence on me, along with whole ideology of that period and literature. Also medieval ballads along with XIX century’s comeback to them – like paintings of Edmund Blair Leighton, and XIX century academic art. But most of my favourite painters are of polish historical realism in XIX century, or around that times – Matejko, Brandt, Siemiradzki, Riepin(that one was Russian), can’t skip Beksiński among the artists of our times.

There is an enormous list of fellow anthro and fantasy artists from dA and the furry fandom who inspires me, I won’t name them because maybe they don’t want to. There are some of them who inspires me with their life and attitude and who became my friends for what I’m very grateful. Lately I added to my inspirational list conventions, because meeting with people in person is nothing comparing to how you meet them online.

Where else do you draw your inspiration from?

In part I already answered this above x3. Music is my pure inspiration, not connected with any bad thoughts I have sometimes with other artists, like not being as good as them. Music helps me clarify my visions or often brings them forth from nothing. I often need special music for certain topics, some personal drawings I create only to one single song, as only that song brings me some certain, needed emotions, just like tools.

What I haven’t mentioned yet is high fantasy, which got to me quite late, in the beginning of high school, as another phase I think. In secondary school I was into dark emotive topics, trying to be interested in the world around me. I realized I don’t have to when I got interested in fantasy, and I become much better in it. I was always amazed with manga of Clamp’s style, and Record of the Lodoss War and Ghibli’s works are still my absolute perfection in animation and creativity. I have to mention Lord of the Rings(John Howe and Alan Lee, ah, oh) and lately Song of Ice and Fire, everybody like those, but such realistic fantasy fills up my mind when I come across it, leaving no space left for anything more.
Siberian Voodoo by Bluari

What are you looking to improve in your art?

Everything! ;'D I don't feel strong enough with any aspect of art yet. I have a lot to improve with basic things like colour palette, drawing - poses, anatomy. But also with style, some own unique feeling and ideas, in technique and in way of thinking and mixing different influences.

When do find yourself being the most creative?

Night ;3. Creativity comes sometimes in random moments but evenings and nights are my best times. But if you would ask about working-drawing, like commissions – that’s starting at late morning(rarely early morning x3). The environment often works for my creativity, like the weather or some overal aura creates a moment when I just have to grab the pencil and doodle something. Meeting awesome people works the same too.

centre of the universe by Bluari demigod by Bluari

What are your future aspirations for your work?

First and foremost - become a happy artist. Some of you may remember that "happy artist" stamp. I want to learn to scribble or do speedpaints frequently, to give some pace and discipline to my development. Also learn not to treat others as competition, I still have the bad habit to think that way, it doesn’t work well for motivation. I have some projects to do, of huge, multi-character paintings, I'm so eager for them, I just lack motivation. I have stories and comic ideas, mine and also helping illustrating my friend's great story c:. I used to want to study animation but that plan is on hiatus, because I have so many things I want to do more in life, like attending conventions, traveling and completing personal projects. Just being artistically active and free to paint whatever, whenever I want seems most important.

How do you battle Art Block?

Sadly I don't have any good way, only wallowing in pain and whining how worthless I am xD. I like to go out cycling and make trips to the forests and ride on the most uneven paths. The way is to stop stressing for a moment - for every artblock the reason is that something makes you stressed, you can't draw good then; play favourite music, take the sketcher and some fast technique, like oil pastels or some other “fat” pencil ;3, and draw what is fun. To recall what you love in creating, for me that’s the childhood times when I was creating fantasy worlds and monsters listening to music, not competing with anybody, having to earn money or be better with my skills.
Throwing away all drawing for a while and play a video game is also a good way ;>.

Sakura sakura, yayoi no sora wa by Bluari

Any words of advice for other artists?

Shut up and draw! Have fun, damn it! ;D If you draw because your heart tells you so, that’s the only way. If you draw because you want to be popular and have money – draw what’s popular and spend shitload of time practicing. Well, practicing a hell lot apply to anything you want to be good at. You better have fun while practicing or else you loose your motivation quickly. Try things before saying you don’t like something, read books, never stop learning, thinking and looking for new inspiration. Look up to masters and exchange experience with both masters and people your level. Also do your duties before time starts to rush you, sit straight at your desk and always taste before adding salt ;>

One last thing. Tell us something completely random about yourself!

I never sit straight at my desk! XD

Lullaby by Bluari

Thank you Bluari for sharing with us today!

Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple

Who will it be next? Recommend someone!

What sort of questions would you ask your fellow anthro artists?

Post your questions below!

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